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EKHR Heat Recovery PAU

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EKHR Heat Recovery PAU has the function and feature of two-way ventilation. When fresh air is provided to the room, the indoor dirty air is discharged to the outside, so that the fresh air and the exhaust air are fully exchanged, creating a fresh and healthy environment. Special-purpose thin non-porous full heat exchange special paper can effectively prevent the leakage of dirty gas and facilitate the exchange of temperature and humidity. Ultra-thin body, hidden installation, saving construction space, air outlet and interior decoration in one, more Athens style. EKHR total heat recovery new fan group standard configuration top filter, according to the need to choose activated carbon filters, ultraviolet germicidal lamps, to filter out SO2, NH3, benzene and other toxic substances, to ensure indoor air cleanliness requirements. Another optional remote control, electric heating, humidifier, to meet different applications, apply to different climatic conditions.

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