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The global plant will add 1.7 million industrial robots in 2020

By  : John Zhao Updated  :   2017-11-21 17:20:20

In recent years, with the influence of human cost and population structure, the robot industry in Asia has been growing rapidly, and China has become the world's largest robot market. According to the International Robotics Federation (IFR), 1.7 million new industrial robots will be applied to factories around the world by 2020.

The global robotics market maintained a strong growth trend in 2017 with the report showing an increase of 21% of robotic installations in Asia and Australia, 16% increase in American robotics supplies and 8% increase in Europe. According to IFR forecast, by 2020 the world industrial robot stock will reach 300,000 units.


Last year, the global robotics market was mainly distributed in five countries, such as China, South Korea, Japan, the United States and Germany, which accounted for three-fourths of the world's robot market.

China, the world's largest robotic market, sold 87000 units in 2016, close to 97300 units in Europe and America combined.

South Korea, the world's second-largest industrial robot market, sold 41400 units in 2016, 8% up from 2015.


Japan, its highest level in 10 years, sold 38600 units of industrial robots in 2016.


America, an increase of 14% over 2015, sold 31400 units of industrial robots in 2016.


Germany, the world's fifth-largest robot market, is also the largest in the European market. Germany sold 20039 Robots in 2016, slightly more than 19945 units in 2015.

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