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Data center in China's market size will reach 19 billion

By  : Tony Chen Updated  :   2017-12-28 14:00:15


With the approach of time for “internet plus” and IOE based, IDC (Internet Data Center), who has thrown its full support behind digital economy, has been observing its own rapid progress. At present, as the data became an increasingly closely integration and visualization in the fields of finance, telecommunications, e-government, and Enterprise Informatization, etc, IDC has devoted itself as the most essential part of infrastructure, IT application system for users to handle daily business.


During the age when cloud-computing and big data is accessible to the internet, most of the data will then be storage in high integration on cloud while at the same time massive computing power is to be centralized in IDC.


It is a must for IDC, having maintained a continuing popularity among users, to rebuild itself complying its own development requirements with the aim of growing accounts. Thanks to the basic safeguard provided by the overall big data industry, considerable development opportunities arisen have found its way to this broad marketspace where relative IDC services of architecture, IT integration will play an important role.


A new round of growth is expected to be seen in China’s IDC market whose double-digit growth rates is predicted to be remained, according to International Data Corporation, with the market size further reaching 19.03 billion USD at the end of 2017. At the same time, IDC service market also will witness an increase over 20% to approximately 4 billion USD in 2017, added International Data Corporation.

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