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Understand the Language! Latest Robot Fridge is Released

By  : INDICS Operator Updated  :   2017-09-26 10:51:19

At this year's Berlin Consumer Electronics Show, Japanese electrical developers have launched a robot refrigerator which can understand the voice call and provide "face to face" service.



Concept refrigerator is an upgraded version of the existing smart refrigerator. It is essentially a robot. Built-in lidar and depth sensor make it can respond to voice commands. The bottom is also equipped with wheels so that it can automatically navigate the route and move freely at home. Robot fridge is also equipped with a database to record the number of food and beverages in the box. When the inventory is insufficient, it will automatically remind you.


It even comes with a constantly updated map system to scan all the furnishings and structure at your house. Even if you suddenly move the furniture, its action will not be affected.


The goal of the robot refrigerator is to bring convenience for the elderly and some people with physical inconvenience. This new product is expected to be on the market in the next six years. Ten years later, each family can have a robot refrigerator steward who will send snacks and drinks for you anytime and anywhere.

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