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The Global Market for Commercial Robots Will Reach $17 Billion in 2020

By  : INDICS Operator Updated  :   2017-12-07 17:00:57

The "China Robotics Industry Development Report", released on August 30, shows that in recent years, the service robot which accounts for the smallest part of the global robot market has been growing rapidly. 2016-2020, the global service robot market is expected to grow by an average of 27.9%, higher than the average growth rate of industrial robots and special robots, 11.42% and 12.74%.



The global robotics market is expected to reach $23.2 billion by 2017. Among them, industrial robot $14.7 billion, service robot $2.9 billion, special robot $5.6 billion.


The current global market for business service robots is growing at 20%-30%. By 2020, the global market for commercial service robots will reach $17 billion in healthcare, retail and wholesale, public utilities and transportation.


At present, China's robotics market has entered a period of rapid growth. In 2017, the domestic robotics market was expected to reach $6.28 billion, with an average growth rate of 28% in 2012-2017. Among them, industrial robot $4.22 billion, service robot $1.32 billion, special robot $0.74 billion. By 2020, due to the rapid development of emerging application scenarios robots such as parking and supermarket ones, a dramatic surge in the market scale is expected to be $2.9 billion.


AI technology is experiencing its third high speed development. Relying on AI technology, application and service mode of intelligent public service robot has been expanding, and its market scale will also embrace a rapid growth.

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