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China will become the world’s largest VR market by 2021.

By  : Tony Chen Updated  :   2017-12-08 08:54:38

VR, AR and MR technology have attracted much attention since they came into being, and related stocks in the capital market are also rising fast.



VR is virtual reality that shows you all the virtual things, including virtual objects, people and scenes; AR is augmented reality that superimposes virtual objects in the real environment; MR is mix reality (including augmented reality and augmented virtual) that refers to a new visualization environment created by merging reality and the virtual world. They are both very important means of artificial intelligence.


It is expected that the market size of VR headwear will be 29.75 billion yuan in 2021, and the size of VR content market (including direct consumption, advertising marketing and enterprise application) will be 38.64 billion yuan.


Enterprise-class content market size will grow to 8.77 billion yuan, accounting for 11% of the overall market.


Consumer-class content market size will reach 27.89 billion yuan.


VR experience museum market size will reach 5.25 billion yuan, accounting for 7% of the overall market.

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