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Huge employment gap exists in the rapid growth of intelligent manufacturing industry

By  : INDICS Operator Updated  :   2017-11-01 13:18:31



The proposition of "made in China 2025" has far-reaching influence on the manufacturing industry in China, and puts forward new requirements for the talents of enterprises. In face of the "China made 2025" trend, we need to deeply analyze demand changes of enterprise positions and talents and constantly optimize the talent training model.


With the further hit of machine-replace-man trend, more and more employees, especially the workers engaged in simple tasks with high repeatability, start to worry that the machine will lead to unemployment. But the talent crisis in the intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry in our country is no less than the unemployment crisis.


The rapid development of economy, extensive application of modern equipment, industrial production and the increasingly high degree of automation, especially intelligent control technology has resulted in urgent need of professional personnel of the intelligent control technology. Talent training program is a key part of Made in China 2025. We need to better train the professionals, not only familiar with a single subject, but can integrate knowledge together, as well as l hands-on skills.

With the coming era of intelligent manufacturing, integration of virtual system and reality has been applied throughout the entire production and customer service chain. Therefore, students and engineers need to understand several aspects of intelligent manufacturing technology, such as digital design and debugging, automatic production and debugging, and intelligent system and maintenance skills.


Intelligent manufacturing automation is facing a "talent crisis". To deal with the huge employment gap, vigorous cooperation is expected among enterprises and governments, institutions and schools.

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