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Wide use of Robots thick and fast in global banking industry

By  : John Zhao Updated  :   2017-11-02 13:35:22

Nowadays, with the advances in information and digital technologies and the ever-broader applications of artificial intelligence and robotics, tremendous changes are taking place in the global banking industry. Job crisis in banking field is prone to a start caused by a flock of banking robots ready for replacement of manual labors, seemingly, a great layoff has been already on its way.


Furthermore, all forms of robots have seen their widely application in banking industry at a blistering pace. As a result, smart robots and virtual chat assistants have gradually grown to be some sort of backbone team on banking business.



What’s more, recently, Nordea Bank, one of the largest corporation in the Nordic region based on market capitalization, made a declaration that it will slash jobs up to 6000 within the future 4 years in order to facilitate the general use of digital and automated products. It is estimated that the lay-off, including 4000 banking clerk and 2000 consultants outsourced, is to start later this year and will continue until the year of 2021.


At present, there have been several robots starting to be employed in Nordea Bank. Among them, one called Lief took the position in the department of life insurance and pension located in Swede while the rest three under the name of Siricius, Elna and Roberta in branches of Finland, Denmark and Norway.


Besides, the bank is also introducing artificial intelligence chat robot as online customer service. According to relative reports, robots serving as online customer service in Norway since September this year, have successfully answered a large number of user questions.



In South Korea, the first robotic banker, "Pepper," not only can do basic work such as greeting and window guidance, but also can help recommend financial products and introduce bank promotional events. Furthermore, people will no longer find it tedious waiting in banks will due to Pepper, who can also take photos, introduce tasteful food, as well as play facial recognition games for them in the duration.


In Indonesia, DBS Singapore has put Kai, a smart customer service assistant robot developed by the United States, into use. With its professional financial knowledge and precise banking jargons, it can also handle a variety of issues ranging from simple to complex via Facebook Messenger, Slack or SMS communication.


Japanese banks are also developing intelligent robots. In 2016, Mitsubishi Bank Tokyo United Bank (UFJ) introduced a humanoid robot named Nao to address customer dissatisfaction. Nao robot, which is 53 centimeters high, proficient in Japanese, English and Chinese languages with seven human emotions: moving, touching, hearing, speaking, seeing, communicating and thinking, has been sold more than 10,000 units.

In addition, most of the intelligent robots employed by banks domestically feature the characters of "artificial + intelligence" with the functions of initiative welcome, diversion and guidance and business consultation through face recognition, speech recognition and voice conversation to provide intelligent , Humanized financial services.



In spite of the potential impact imposed by AI on the development of banking industry still yet to be discovered, it is pretty sure that old ways of customer service as well as banking system will be definitely upended by the innovative boom of AI in global banks with rapid reforms in traditional banks.

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