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A transformation and upgrading on education sector driven by big data

By  : Tony Chen Updated  :   2017-11-17 14:06:19


Big data, an underlying trend for world development in future, has turned out to be an emerging driving force on optimizing industrial structure aiming at upgrading and transformation in related industries, which is a leverage for social progress and opportunity within grasp.


According to statistics, after its reach of 15 billion CNY, China’s market size of industrial big data, will hopefully experience a vigorous growth this year up to 21.2 billion CNY, which is estimated to rise to 82.2 billion in 2020 when it is expected to see an increase in proportion to 6.64% in the application sector.



Furthermore, one incomplete government figure shows that the number of the relative policies has mounted to 63 at a national level on the development and application of big data. And due to its gradual promotion of the application, it has exerted a civilizing influence on daily life in an all-round way. Education, for example, whose advantages gained by big data not only lie in the mass of it but more in the dependence on its prediction of the study performances of individuals.

Therefore, in the time of big data, it must be more pluralistic in knowledge demonstration with focuses on one’s personality characteristics rather than simply teaching. All these efforts will have consequently led to an improvement in teaching methods turned out to be an up-to-date one supported by advanced information technology instead of the hackneyed approach. That is to say, one shall undertake the responsibility as a teacher to transfer and integrate the knowledge to be spread under the perquisite of keeping learners ‘cognitive competence and knowledge structure in mind.


Besides, the greater efficiency in studying can be enhanced via online education based on big data. Such innovative modes, having eased considerable pressure of teachers’, will have been designed to develop a new pattern of strong interaction between learners and instructors with far more specific learning targets. As a result, all these efforts have led to the further intrinsic value to learning other than mechanical memory.

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