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Collaborative robots: expanding to different fields in the future

By  : John Zhao Updated  :   2017-12-27 13:58:26


"Collaborative robot" as a new concept emerged in 2014, has already developed a market that is rapidly growing. According to the forecast, from 2015 to 2020, the number of collaborative robot will increase ten times, and the market value is expected to rise from $95 million in 2014 to $1 billion. Analysis firm TechNavio estimates that the compound annual growth rate of the global collaborative robot will be 50.88%.



There are two common issues in the method of man-machine cooperation security settings: one is the need to set the safety grating for the protection of human safety, which increases the cost; the other is the complex operation. The robot requires to be operated by the skilled personnel.


At present, in the field of cooperative robot, there are four well-known brands in addition to Rethink Robotics. For example, ABB launched Yumi robot, and FANUC also launched a number of light-weighted collaborative robots. In addition, Denmark Universal Robot has launched a series of collaborative robots. At the same time, Shenyang SIASUN also launched its new cooperative robot products.



Cooperative robots are smaller and have more sensors so that cooperative robots can react faster and more intelligently. Therefore, compared to the traditional robots, the market prospect of the cooperative robot will be more promising. With the potential promotion of market demand, more and more start-up robotic company also pay attention to the wide market prospects of cooperative robots, and are committed to push the related products to different segments.

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