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Seizing opportunity on smart medical to set a shining example of Internet + Medical Care----See Ali Health

By  : John Zhao Updated  :   2017-10-27 14:32:30



As a crucial flagship platform on health care under Ali Group, Ali Health, concentration of attentions from the public, has been recognized as a development example in the medical field with the name of internet + medical.


Internet + medical ushered in world of big data, AI and closer medical partnerships in 2017 that marks the era of prevailing cutting-edge technology in 3.0 version when rapid progresses have been made with each passing day. Besides, a surge in AI scenarios based on extensive data generated in medical and the computing capability has facilitated a swift development in smart medical industry, where all BAT (Baidu, Ali Group and Tencent), China’s three internet giants, are keen to explore their ways.



Under the contract between Ali Health and The First Affiliated Hospital of ZheJiang University, The Second Affiliated Hospital of ZheJiang University, as well as Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine respectively, they will ensure the co-development on AI physician assistant, and “virtual patient” designed for practices for medical staff and finally create “a small hospital” based on big data, cloud platform as well as mobile payment covering overall processes.


By gradually refining its business model, Ali Group has eventually completed a regular economic cycle ranging from e-commerce, smart medical, product tracing and health management.


By the adoption of a deep seam of health data, medical care combined with AI has played a significant role in medical images, prescription, medical data and virtual patients with a typical example of simulating real patients for doctors to learn the treatment and efficacy.



The day has marked an entrance of Ali Cloud into AI medical care formally when on March, 29th, 2017 the subsidiary launched ET an AI named medical brain, which is serving as a useful hand for doctors especially in the situation of virtual assistance for patients, medical images, precision medical, effective mining on medicine, new medicine design as well as health management.


Medical AI, having witnessed its cracking year in 2017, has embraced its developmental window of opportunity on business with introduction of the relative products. And given the fact that it has developed its layout and introduction over several medical products and services on the basis of AI, Ali Health, seen as a bellwether in the field of internet + medical care, will definitely commit itself in the development of medical AI as its main target.

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