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Thanks to various robots, thousands of Jiaozi made within 1 hour.

By  : John Zhao Updated  :   2017-10-26 14:51:16


Ever since this year, under the dominant influence over various industries from Artificial Intelligence (or AI for short), industry of traditional manufacturing, without exception, has witnessed its rapid upgrading.


Zhou Lihua, the CEO of CP Food Co., Ltd located in Qinhuangdao, says, “At present, we have created two assembly lines of Jiaozi, each at its maximum capacity. There are 50 thousand pieces of Jiaozi being produced by each of them per hour. Compared with manual work, it is estimated that such new methods have improved greater efficiency up to dozens of times, equivalent to 400 labor productivity on the basis of 20 pieces of Jiaozi being made by one person per minute.



Another example suggests the center of deliverbots. Just 3 steps parcels will find their ways to who they are belonging to: detailed information acquired through qrcode scanning, then after distinguishing the shape and size of the parcel based on the technology of 3D Scanning, robots can easily grab the exact parcel brought straight to the owner’s hand. According to Huangxing, the Vice President of, “The storage has achieves a higher efficiency by 2 to 3 times than it used to be, which can bear a reduction in storage cost while with a much higher precision in each phase. Take mail sorting by machines as an example, the accuracy rate can be almost 100%. For manual regrouping is often error-prone, esp when people are suffering from fatigue caused by hard work, which will create a negative experience to clients, but not for machines.”


What’s more, a rise has been double in salary earned by employees of manufacturing industry over the past decade in China, whose manual cost nowadays is 4 to 5 times as much as that of the Southeast Asia. In spite of such surge, enterprises, thanks to the smart equipment designed to lower the cost, have receive a long-term economic return brought by fully automatic factory, or zero-labor factory. In the delivery center without labor work in, for instance, where 200 thousand parcels used to be processed every day by nearly 800 skilled workers, the only left are tens of technicians for equipment.

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