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Stephen Hawking: AI may surpass or totally replace human beings

By  : INDICS Operator Updated  :   2017-11-15 15:48:22



Recently, physicist Stephen Hawking once again expressed his severe concern on AI, that the future may witness AI technology that can surpass human or even completely replace human. He said that this will mean the birth of a "new species ".  "If the computer virus to improve and replicate AI is invented, AI will be a new form of life far beyond human beings."


This is not the first time that Hawking warned the rapid development of AI and its potential danger to human. Last October during his visit to the Future Intelligence Research Center at University of Cambridge which spent over 10 million pounds, Hocking said that the rise of powerful artificial intelligence will be" the best and the worst thing there".


"I believe that there is no profound difference between the biological brain and the things that the computer can achieve, theoretically, the computer can simulate human intelligence and go beyond it." Hawking pointed out that the technology can be used to eliminate diseases, poverty and respond to climate changes. However, he also said that this technology could be used to develop powerful autonomous weapons, which might be a new way for “the minority to oppress the majority".


"The success of creating artificial intelligence may be the biggest event in the history of human civilization," Hawking said in 2016, "however it could also be the last one unless we know how to avoid risks."

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