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Emerging jobs created and skilled professionals in need.

By  : John Zhao Updated  :   2017-11-17 15:53:56



On the hand, nowadays has marked a dramatic time of job cuts from humans due to the prevailing robots on working stage. On the other hand, more emerging positions are to be created as well, e.g., service and maintenance on robots.


The statistics released by National Bureau of Economic Research has suggested that approximate 6 humans will be replaced by each new machine, a report from CNBC.



"Undoubtedly, automation in some ways will make some work tend to disappear," remarked by Andrew Nagenost in an interview, the CEO of Autodesk, a well-known software company, "but we must also focus on the new job opportunities presented as a result." He added.


It is pretty sure that not all jobs will be removed by automation, nevertheless, the further positions in future will tend to be more robot-related ranging from development, programing to deployment and repair.



Mr Nagenost believes that, in spite of adequate job opportunities in the coming era of robots, massive skilled professionals will be reflected great demands to fill the jobs that are technically based.


To cope with that, many people are advocating that enterprises should arrange their employees to be trained in the environment with advanced technologies so that they can prepare for the future in advance.

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