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Kai-fu Lee: In the face of robot job, white collar is more easily replaced than blue collar

By  : Tony Chen Updated  :   2017-11-22 10:53:11



Recently, when participating in the "Squawk Box" program of CNBC's technology magazine, Kai-Fu Lee said that half of human work will be taken over by Al in the next 10 years. This is the fastest period of subversion in history. He said: "In the meantime, AI will replace blue-collar and white-collar jobs."


Kai-fu Lee also believes that smart machines will firstly take over white-collar jobs. White-collar jobs are easier to take over because they are purely quantitative processes. Journalists, traders, telemarketing, customer service and analysts can all be replaced by software. As for blue-collar work, some need hand-eye coordination, and the machine is not good enough to do these jobs.


Pierre Barreau, chief executive of AIVA Technologies, agrees with Kai-fu Lee. He said: "Because blue-collar work needs to make a breakthrough both in software and hardware (robotics) while white-collar work may only need to make a breakthrough in the software.” Luke Tang, general manager of TechCode, added: "AI has replaced humans in certain areas, such as analyzing and writing reports, engaging in legal occupations in discovery, etc. And soon AI will replace more human work in other areas, such as truck drivers and investment managers.


Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank, believes that we must invest in people to solve the problem of work being replaced by automation. Baru, Chief Executive Officer of AIVA Technologies, agrees with this judgment: "One of the most important challenges to work automation is ensuring that our education system is able to keep up with new job needs. In the 1980s, The PC's lack of expectation may not be an obvious solution, but eventually he believes the solution will come true. "


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