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The AI chip market will witness fierce competition

By  : INDICS Operator Updated  :   2017-12-26 13:56:33



Artificial intelligence chip can be widely used, such as smart phones, medical health, finance, retail, etc. and it has a huge space for development. With the coming era of artificial intelligence, AI chip is playing a more and more important role.


In recent years, artificial intelligence technology has become the core competence, such as Amazon's smart speaker Echo which can understand verbal commands, Alphabet's Nest security camera which can distinguish between acquaintances and strangers in order to send out alerts. AI has also enabled Facebook to match social posts with advertising.



Recently, China academy released three models of AI chip that can be used for deep learning: Cambrian 1H8 for low power oriented visual scene application, Cambrian 1H16 that has wider generality and higher performance, as well as Cambrian 1M for the intelligent driving.



These three newly released chips use the first international AI instruction set, and have outstanding versatility and efficiency in computer vision, speech recognition, Natural Language Processing and other tasks. Recently, the Cambrian predicted to occupy 30% of the domestic AI chip market in the next two years, and devices, including HUAWEI flagship models, that use their chips are expected to reach 1 billion.


The focus of improving the application mode of AI chips is to build an open-source ecosystem. Only by establishing an open AI ecosystem, can AI technology be integrated with robotics, finance and manufacturing so as to achieve faster development. With the stepping in of the Internet companies and accelerating layout of the chip manufacturers, AI chip is expected to define the IoT and AI ecosystem. Therefore the competition in the AI chip market is going to be particularly fierce. With many players participating in the game, it will present a situation of feudal lords vying for the throne.


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