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10430 kilometers per hour, the world's fastest rocket sled, is 8.5 times faster than the speed of sound

By  : Tony Chen Updated  :   2017-11-29 15:18:33



Rocket sled had hit a speed of 10430 kilometers per hour, equivalent to 8.5 times the speed of the sound. This is also the fastest limit record for land-based rail vehicles.

What is a rocket sled?

Rocket sled is a large-scale ground dynamic test system that uses rocket engine to propel the rocket pulley at high speed on a dedicated orbit to obtain model (or in-kind) test data.



Can be used not only for aerodynamic testing but also for missile guidance and control system testing. During the test, the model was placed on a trolley and operated with the trolley to achieve the required speed and acceleration of the test. After the test, the brake device is used to reduce the speed of the trolley, and the data obtained are analyzed.

Test Type:

The main items of the aerodynamic test: structural integrity test under aerodynamic load; flutter test and buffeting test; catapult and rescue umbrella test; rocket motor jet flow test; aerodynamic heating test; shock wave and explosion wave impact test as well as lift, resistance, pressure.

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