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5 challenges of China Big Data strategy

By  : INDICS Operator Updated  :   2017-11-29 15:21:17

First, the data ownership is not clear, and the circulation and use of data is chaotic. Big data tech brings complex ownership and responsibility relationships. The recognition and protection of data property rights have blind spots, which obstruct the effective circulation of data.

Secondly, the contradiction between the explosive growth of data and the effective use of data is prominent. The current problem is not the lack of data, but the contradiction between the rapid growth of data and the effective storage and utilization of data. The data showed an explosive growth, that 10 times the amount of data every two years, and Moore's law has been close to the limit. Hardware performance has been difficult to cope with the growth of massive data.


Thirdly, the lack of two-way sharing mechanism exists between enterprise and government data. Currently, Chinese government, a few Internet companies and industry leading enterprises have occupied most of the data resources, but data ownership is in a vague state and relevant regulations and laws are not clear. The two-way sharing of data resources between government and enterprises is not enough.


What’s more, there is excessive competition tendency. By the end of January 2017, 12 provinces and cities have launched national big data industry center. The total output value of 14 provinces (cities) exceeded 2.8 trillion yuan, far exceeding the target of 2020, which is only 1 trillion yuan.


Last but not the least, the security issue has become increasingly prominent. As of July 2017, over 1,800 cases of infringement of personal information of citizens and hacking attacks were detected in the country, more than 4,800 suspects were seized, and more than 50 billion pieces of personal information were stolen from all kinds of citizens. Network attacks on the Ukrainian power system and Iran's nuclear facilities have also alarmed the security of major information systems such as electricity, oil, chemicals and railways in our country.

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