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The first smart robots specialized for tax services was unveiled in Henan Province.

By  : John Zhao Updated  :   2017-11-30 15:27:52

With the more widespread use of robots, people are looking forward to its application in fiscal and tax fields. In consequence, the first smart robots specialized for tax services was unveiled in Henan Province.


This smart tax robot, also called “baby tax service provider”, can have a man-machine interaction currently as the version 1.0 of such machine, whose parts are all self-designed except the core chip from Germany.



At the scene, when the staff asked the question "Can the enterprise buy a car, can you debit it?" In spite of the incomplete information, the robot still immediately gave a voice response which was simultaneously displayed with texts on the screen.


Kong Guoqiang, president of the Taxation Institute for Harmonious Public Service, explained that the essential functions of this small and exquisite robot include precise inquiries on policies and regulations, questions and answers on tax-related issues, verification of invoices, massive tax planning cases and video learning. Even when the tax staff are tired, they can also ask her to tell a story or a joke.


Dr. Jin Dongsheng, executive director of China International Taxation Research Association and well-known expert of the State Administration of Taxation, is very optimistic about this intelligent tax-paying robot and holds that it combines accuracy, authority and timeliness.



According to reports, the 2.0 of version of this smart tax-friendly robot, will be able to achieve proxy accounting, auditing, risk control, tax returns and other functions; version 3.0 will do automatic accounting, hedging and tax planning;


It is also expected that the 4.0 version will be realized commercial and taxation bank integration automatic service before 2020.

Smart robots will not only replace the repetitive work of corporate tax and tax agents, such as invoicing, filing tax returns, even the tax department's audit work can also be done. By then, the fiscal and tax staff only need to do some research work, and creative work. Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, changes will also be brought to college students.

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