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Robotics and big data are becoming driving force for industries while 4 start-ups are expected to rewrite e-commerce history.

By  : John Zhao Updated  :   2017-11-27 15:31:35



Thanks to robotics and big data, dramatic changes have occurred to e-commerce industry where old ways will be upended by such technological forces in 2018 brought by four leading companies.


Drone delivery: Flytrex



This year marks a milestone to Flytrex for it launched its first global drone delivery system with full automation which has contributed to a delivery time-saving of over 75% on average as well as logistics cost reduction of 60% for some products of AHA e-commerce company.


Shopping are turning to fun: SOPTT.

Specific products wanted, ranging from kitchen cookers to exquisite things, now can always find their ways to users through the film-like scenarios due to the interaction created by technology from Spott, a company located in Chicago serving as a platform sharing the details of goods price and brands to make it easier for efficient shopping.


6 River Systems


Logistics robots of Amazon to all e-commerce enterprises, no longer a surprise: 6 River Systems


Chunk, an advanced warehouse robot designed by 6 River Systems, enables warehouse staff to form an effective category as well as a suitable arrangement for storage after being directed by Chuck.


Last mile distribution: Common Sense Robotics



Owing to the leading-edge technology of AI and robotics, CSR will be able to help retailers to store or deal with most inventory in the last mile delivery (often regarded as a strategic point) rather than keep goods in warehouses in suburbs far away from cities, just as what most retailers are doing currently. All these effort can lead to a huge cost reduction on delivery with customized logistical services for sellers.

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