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More than 390 large-scale global data centers in 2017

By  : John Zhao Updated  :   2018-01-09 10:35:30

A report from Synergy Research indicates that the number of extra-large scale data centers has witnessed an increase to more than 390 all over the world throughout 2017, among which, Google acted as one of the top roles. In addition, China’s Internet conglomerates, Tencent and Baidu have also built supermassive data centers.


However, the United States ranks the best place for mostly super data centers with a percentage of 44% far ahead of any other country or district around the world while China the second at 8%, and then come as Japan and UK of 6% and close next following Australia and Germany by 5%.

There are 16 centers on average for each of the 24 behemoths counted in the survey under Synergy Research. For example, for the multinational firms like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Google, over 45 centers are under control of each of them globally.


Additionally, the standards for the supermassive differ a lot. According to IDC, at least 5000 servers and room as ample as 10,000 square miles for use should be the basic needs while the criteria for Synergy will be much tougher: one with hundreds of thousands of servers or even millions.


Apart from that, due to the specific requirements for designs on software as well hardware, distinguished configurations, energy consumption and management on maintenance and operation, much more excellent conditions are in great demand for joining the groups of supermassive data centers.


Under the statistics of Synergy, the number of extra-large data centers will hopefully mark its breakthrough up to 500 at the end of 2019 at the current growing rate.

It has been commonly believed by the industry insiders that only 7 enterprises are included as super-scale carrier, say Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba. Among them, data bases of Tencent and Baidu are deployed domestically while most ones for Ali have been removed to US, Hongkong, Singapore, Japan and United Arab Emirates although they used to be located in China.


Besides, some information reveals that, Amazon, whose data centers embrace approximately 3 million servers, twice more than the total amount of servers of the China’s three internet behemoths (BAT), boasts AWS which is regarded as the most powerful cloud computing service provider.

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