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The demand for artificial intelligence talents amounts to millions

By  : Tony Chen Updated  :   2018-01-10 13:37:54

With the rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence, the shortage of talents in this industry has also become increasingly prominent. According to a research report by Tencent Research Institute, there are only 300,000 AI researchers and practitioners in the world, but the market demand is up to millions.


According to The New York Times, those engineers with only a few years of experience expect annual income of 300,000 to 500,000 U.S. dollars. An independent AI lab told the New York Times that only about 10,000 people around the world have matching skills of AI programs.


Interestingly, the report not only predicts a shortage of global talent but also guesses worldwide development and deployment. The report assesses that the United States, China, Japan and Britain are major developing countries of AI, and Israel and Canada are also worth mentioning. Canada has a strong educational background. Britain is best at "ethical and legal aspects" of artificial intelligence. Japan is a leader in robotics.


However, the report also pointed out that at present the United States is far ahead in global talent development. Universities offering machine learning and related disciplines are more developed than any other country and many start-up AI companies have been established. The report has made no predictions as to which country will rank first in the world in the coming decades, but mentions that the Chinese government has made policy to become the leading player in the AI world by 2030. Many people think it is achievable.

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