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20% of companies will set up internal startups to develop new products and services based on 3D printing by 2021

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Now business is growing at a lightning speed, and technology is growing faster. Veteran companies continue to face competition from startups and emerging companies in half of the world's regions. Even large companies must integrate 3D printing into their R & D, engineering and manufacturing groups and establish a business unit that moves internal 3D printing and other innovative technologies into the company's overall process. These start-up companies often have the freedom to operate independently of the company but have the ability to leverage corporate facilities such as physical facilities, finance, personnel and procurement to reduce costs. In the past few years a number of large enterprise engineering organizations such as Airbus, BASF and General Electric have already set up industrial-scale 3D printing internal startups. These companies are accelerating the integration of 3D printing into their own manufacturing processes because these parts are either too difficult or too costly to use traditional manufacturing methods.

Internal startups are not without problems. Unlike most real start-up companies, there are wage guarantees for internal start-up employees. Of course, high-risk and high-yield coexist. Interviewing may not be as rewarding as a real start-up. Maybe start-up employees have few jobs in a real startup.  Companies with internal startups must find compensation formulas that attract both employers and employees.

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