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The“Digital generation”will develop into "Intelligent generation” in the next 20 years

By  : Tony Chen Updated  :   2018-01-17 08:46:58

The“Digital generation”will develop into "Intelligent generation” in the next 20 years


Recently, Zhou Ji, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, made a speech at the 2017 World Conference on Intelligent Manufacturing, believing the car will become the new smart mobile terminal.


Recently, the rapid development of smart cars far exceeded people's expectations. The automobile has gone through the development course of fuel-powered cars, electric vehicles and networking vehicle and is moving at an extremely high speed in the direction of self-driving cars. Driverless cars of Google and Baidu have been on the road. With the in-depth application of a new generation of artificial intelligence technology, the future car will enter the driverless era and become an intelligent mobile terminal.


Zhou Ji said that a new generation of intelligent manufacturing technology will open up a broader world for the product and equipment innovation. In the next 20 years, various products and equipment will evolve from "digital generation" to "intelligent generation", and be upgraded to smart products and equipment.


Zhou Ji believes that, on the one hand, a large number of advanced smart products such as smart terminals, smart appliances, smart medical equipment, and smart toys will be emerged for a better life of the people. On the other hand, we will focus on promoting intelligent upgrades of major equipment in key areas such as information manufacturing equipment, aerospace equipment and so on. In particular, we must vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing equipment such as smart robots and smart machine tools to make our industry more advanced and more powerful.

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