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Quick adoption of AI encouraged for business

By  : INDICS Operator Updated  :   2018-06-11 14:03:46

Source: China Daily

Experts urged corporate executives to hasten AI adoption in making business decisions, in a bid to further enhance the whole process of operations.

"The integration of artificial intelligence in business decision-making has been underestimated," said Li Daokui, director of the Center for China in the World Economy at Tsinghua University.

"Company leaders need to focus more on using data for accurate analysis, which can enhance the whole process, ranging from product design and target groups, to marketing tools and after-sale services," Li said at the 2018 iPinYou Artificial Intelligence Conference.

The conference, held on Wednesday in Beijing, gathered a number of representatives from academia and business circles to discuss the potential of using data-driven approaches to empower commercial operations.

The Chinese government has issued a national AI development plan and called for concentrated efforts to cultivate talent so the country can take the lead in AI R&D and application.

AI's capability in decision-making is forecast to create trillions of market value, and to profoundly affect the social and economic development, said Grace Huang, founder and CEO of iPinYou, Beijing-based marketing technology provider.

Huang said in the next five years, the Beijing-based company will continue to build core competency in intelligent decision-making and explore industries that demand big data.

The company's flagship Marketing Intelligence Platform could facilitate clients in making more scientific and efficient marketing decisions, according to Xie Peng, chief operating officer at iPinYou.

iPinYou has 59.8 percent of China's programmatic buying market, and owns China's largest audience analysis database while leveraging big data processing capabilities.

On Wednesday, the company reached a strategic agreement with JD Cloud to develop an AI platform aimed to help clients make scientific marketing decisions. The two sides will provide advertisers with high-value marketing solutions and realize truly intelligent marketing throughout the entire process.

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