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Snake arm robot debuts at CIROS2018

By  : INDICS Operator Updated  :   2018-08-15 09:20:24

Source: China Daily

At the CIROS2018 robot exhibition, Siasun Robot and Automation Co Ltd premiered to the world its newly developed robot with snake-shaped arms, unveiling its uniqueness on the spot.

The company uses the concept of bionics to get inspiration from the dexterity of the snake. The specificity of the shape and its working mode are both completely different from traditional discrete articulated robots. This kind of robot adopts an end-following control method, which greatly improves the flexibility and adaptability of the robot and makes it more suitable for working in extremely harsh conditions.

With 12 joints and 24+1 degrees of freedom, the product can smoothly and flexibly avoid obstacles, and can also be operated by remote control. The product is mainly used in narrow spaces and harsh environments. The robot can use different tools to complete many complex tasks. These include drilling in the narrow environment of the wing rib compartment of aircraft, maintenance of reactor cooling pipelines in nuclear power plants, investigation of military targets over a field of view, and rescuing trapped people at earthquake sites.

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