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Database startup eyes opportunities in new economic era

By  : INDICS Operator Updated  :   2018-08-09 10:13:41

Source: China Daily

JingData, the financial information arm of 36kr, a leading Chinese media firm specializing in technology-related reports, vowed to embrace the development of financial big data in the new economic era.

China has stepped into a new economic era dominated by the industrial informatization, so data information and the industrial chain thinking method are of paramount importance, said Chai Yuan, vice-president of JingData, in Beijing on Tuesday.

"A good CEO must be a good data analyst when the startup is in a bottleneck", Chai said.

"The only way to make a success in the venture capital investment market is to link big data with the venture capital investment ecosystem", Chai added.

JingData, a one-year startup, provides decision-making support, featured with its industrial chain map services, to global enterprises and financial institutions through three platforms: the fundraising platform, the capital management system and the industrial data platform.

According to Chai, JingData's fundraising platform has become a mobile data terminal with a fundraising data release of over 600,000 projects and more than 25,000 investors. It offers fundraising services to limited partners, general partners, entrepreneurs and third-party service institutions.

Its capital management system provides a full capital management system and industrial solutions to venture capital, private equity and fund of fund institutions.

Relying on comprehensive data from the first-level market, JingData's industrial data platform offers customers with decision-making data support and predictions.

In order to promote market cooperation, JingData jointly published the 2018 Unicorn Report with PwC, collaborated with the local Nanjing government to create a white paper on the area's unicorn and gazelle companies, and became involved in constructing Nanjing's "China Medicine Valley" in the first half of this year.

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