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Huawei offers support for local digital transformation

By  : INDICS Operator Updated  :   2018-08-29 09:57:44

Source: China Daily

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd's arm in Belarus is focusing on bringing about digital transformation for local companies and government agencies across a range of industries.

"We look forward to helping different sectors of Belarus achieve digital transformation via information and communications technology to improve their operational efficiency," said Pan Yong, general director of Bel Huawei Technologies LLC.

The Belarusian subsidiary of Huawei, a global provider of information and communications technology solutions, and the China-Belarus Industrial Park launched an innovation center on May 14. It will introduce Huawei's technologies, solutions and products in the areas of infrastructure development, industrial park operation and smart technology services.

Pan said he hopes that companies registered at the China-Belarus Industrial Park will be able to enjoy services such as virtual desktop infrastructure, the internet of things and unified communications through Huawei's technologies. It will help the companies to reduce costs, share data easily and maintain their equipment more conveniently, without purchasing different network and storage devices, he said.

"For local companies that need end-to-end solutions, we will help them to integrate their technologies and terminal manufacturing devices into our platform through the innovation center. We will also help small and medium-sized enterprises registered at the China-Belarus Industrial Park to launch operations as quickly as possible," Pan said.

Bel Huawei offers end-to-end solutions in several areas, such as fixed broadband, mobile broadband, smart homes and cloud computing for government agencies.

The company helped Belarusian meter factories use its technology to produce smart meters. The overall technology framework and network platform was designed by Huawei.

"While we are mainly targeting Belarus via corporate business and with telecom operators, our mobile phone business has grown rapidly in the country and has extended to neighboring countries, including Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia," Pan said.

With the Belt and Road Initiative, Huawei found that the business environment has become more friendly for its subsidiary in the country, and its exchanges with local governments and people have increased noticeably in recent years.

The company has sponsored selected Belarusian college students for a two-week visit to Beijing and Huawei's headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

It also joined hands with the Belarus government in April to offer training for local residents at its innovation center in the China-Belarus Industrial Park. More than 300 people have participated in the training so far.

Currently, Bel Huawei has over 200 employees, of which local residents account for 80 percent.

Andrey Kononuchenko, an engineer in the enterprise business section of the company, comes from a small town located 250 kilometers away from the capital, Minsk. He has been working for Huawei for more than six years.

"Huawei is a very innovative company. It is always moving forward and reaching for new results," said Kononuchenko. "During these six years, I have gained rich experience in telecommunication and Huawei products."

His salary has increased by about 30 percent since he started working for Huawei, which has enabled him to buy a two-room flat, and he is planning to buy another.

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