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Sugar AI translation smartphone partners with Italian Tourist Board

By  : INDICS Operator Updated  :   2018-09-27 09:59:56

Source: China Daily

Sugar - a newly emerging brand that boasts one of the world's first artificial intelligence translation smartphones - unveiled a tourist-themed version of its S20 phone series in Beijing on Wednesday, customized for Chinese travelers planning to visit Italy.

The company said that with the cooperation of the Italian Government Tourist Board in China, the smartphone produced by the Sugar brand will act as a convenient and "exclusive interpreter" for Chinese tourists taking in the unique charms of the ancient European country.

Launched in July, the Sugar S20 smartphone aims to assist Chinese customers who want to travel overseas, enabling them to communicate freely with local people and experience their culture.

The Sugar smartphone was launched in response to the booming market, which has seen visits abroad by Chinese tourists rocket, hitting 130 million in 2017, according to Chen Jin, CEO of the smartphone brand.

As the first translation-oriented smartphone made in China, it provides voice-to-voice interpretation and word-to-word translation services with a focus on Chinese people, although it is certainly suitable for all ages in all nations, he said.

With the English language alone, the device carries four accents for vocal interpretations - American, British, Australian and Indian accents - to adapt to different linguistic situations.

In addition to Chinese visitors streaming abroad, there are a large number of foreigners coming to visit China every year.

"The purpose of the Sugar smartphone is not only to help Chinese travelers, but also to help foreigners to live a better life in China," he said.

With the support of Sugar smartphone, they will be capable to hang out, buy food and see a doctor just like the locals, even though they know little Chinese, he added.

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