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Sharpening mainland firms' IT edge

By  : INDICS Operator Updated  :   2018-10-25 10:25:05

Source: China Daily

Luculent Smart Technology Co Ltd, the Nanjing-based provider of software solutions, is ramping up efforts to facilitate computerization of operations of Chinese companies seeking a foothold in the countries and regions participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Established in 1999, the privately held firm is improving its product mix to power Chinese firms in managing remote projects efficiently and effectively.

Over a decade ago, Wu Aibin, Luculent's chairman, identified a trend among homegrown companies: they were on the fast track to digitalize their management tools.

A fairly large number of Luculent's early clients were electric power companies, including State Grid Corporation of China, China Huaneng Group Co, and China Huadian Corp.

Since 2013, when China proposed the BRI, an increasing number of State-owned enterprises, and privately owned firms, have been busy pursuing business opportunities overseas.

"For companies' headquarters, monitoring and managing remote projects used to be a time-consuming, low-efficiency process. That's why, we started to invent a wide array of software with different functions for business clients," Wu said.

Wu labeled Luculent as a "smart steward" of its clients, most of which are speeding up expansion in BRI-related economies. "With our products, company executives can get informed, almost anytime anywhere, of the operations of multiple projects overseas, and potential risks.

"We can help the companies to set up a central control system at their headquarters. Through the system, they can contact dozens of overseas offices or subsidiaries, provide guidance and monitor them simultaneously," Wu said.

For instance, Luculent developed a digital platform for construction firms to invest, build and operate multiple projects at the same time - a full-cycle process that improves management efficiency. "With such a platform, our clients can deliver the projects in time, boost their operational capability and enhance their market competitiveness," Wu said.

So far, the company has offered tailored software solutions to hundreds of construction projects in over 20 BRI-related economies. Its clients cover electricity, construction materials, chemicals and new energy industries.

A typical example is Luculent's integrated information platform, used by China Oceanwide Holdings Group to manage a power project in Indonesia. The platform enables the client's staff in different roles to connect with each other, updates the project's processes in a timely manner, identifies risks and performance, and offers information for decision-making.

According to the company, the platform, which is supported in four languages - Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Bahasa - was the first of its kind at that time, and created a new standard for the industry's IT solutions.

"Big data matters most to future development," Wu said. "Equipment manufacturing powered by big data, for example, can uncover more potential and sustainable value-added services."

He hoped the government will establish an industrial internet platform, which compiles rich information and experience of companies' overseas projects in all sectors.

Luculent's solutions and software can further boost China's burgeoning trade in services, he said. Service trade refers to sales and delivery of intangible products such as information technology, transportation, tourism and telecommunications.

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