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Giving healthcare a digital edge

By  : INDICS Operator Updated  :   2018-12-18 09:03:52

Source: China Daily

Using its subsidiary PKU Healthcare, Founder Group, a Chinese technology company, plans to establish a comprehensive medical innovation center by 2020 in Beijing.

Its plan is to execute projects like overseas incubation and cross-border investment and establish new branches in other suitable global markets.

PKU Healthcare began to establish a new innovation center in Boston in the United States in early November, a major step for the company to push its presence in global markets.

The innovation center's role is to seek and invest in healthcare projects, recruit overseas talent, develop international remote consultation and train its employees, as well as establish a fund to assist all these activities in the US.

Song Jinsong, chief executive officer of PKU Healthcare, said there are many opportunities to further optimize advanced technologies and human resources to improve services in this sector. These opportunities come from China's growing demand for quality healthcare solutions and medicines, as well as from international collaboration, he said.

Such demand comes in the wake of the government's plan, announced in March, to make coordinated moves to accelerate research and development of various types of medicine and medical equipment, provide healthcare services from top-tier cities to rural areas, and reform healthcare pricing, staffing and remuneration, and medicine distribution.

Song said the innovation center's location in Boston will help the company to access the world's cutting-edge technologies in many areas, as the city has abundant talent resources from medical, engineering, electronics, computer sciences and other fields.

They have made many scientific breakthroughs in various segments such as medical devices, molecular diagnostics and digital healthcare service, he said.

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