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VR lullaby machine can help users reach tranquil pre-sleep states

By  : INDICS Operator Updated  :   2019-07-19 08:26:32

Source: China Daily

A new virtual reality (VR) lullaby machine named Inter-Dream which was designed by Plugin-HUMAM -- an art duo made up of Dr Betty Sargeant and Justin Dwyer at Australia's Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology's Exertion Games Lab -- was shown to help users reach tranquil pre-sleep states.

"Good sleepers are generally more relaxed and positive, while bad sleepers are more likely to focus on unpleasant and intrusive worries and stressors because of involuntary mental rehearsal of the past day's events," Sargeant explained on Tuesday.

"It makes sense that influencing these cognitive mood states can help us better ease into rest."

With 12 people taking part in a series of user interviews, the team found the strange technology may have a role to play in the future of relaxation and rest.

"Technology and sleep are always talked about as incompatible," Semertzidis said.

"Our findings flip that notion upside down and show how technology can also aid rest and relaxation."

"Results demonstrated statistically significant decreases in pre-sleep cognitive arousal and negative emotions."

"EEG readings were also indicative of restorative restfulness and a clear mind, while interview responses described experiences of mindfulness."

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