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Drone maker DJI continues investments in educational robot

By  : INDICS Operator Updated  :   2020-03-10 09:11:54

DJI, the world's largest commercial drone manufacturer by market share, will continue its investments in the educational robot sector to help students learn programming and apply cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence technologies into the education sector.

The company has launched its RoboMaster EP -- a set of complete educational robot services, covering multi-party hardware, courses, and educational materials for professional educational institutions and teachers. It also announced it will hold robotics competition event for primary school and middle school students aged from 9 to 19.

RoboMaster EP supports more than 50 programmable sensor interfaces, DJI said. Teachers and students can obtain data, such as sensor modules, video streams and audio streams, in a bid to write programs and achieve multi-machine collaborative formation, and the intelligent avoidance of barriers.

The hardware includes high-performance servos, robot arms, grippers, infrared depth sensors, sensor transfer modules and power transfer modules.

Wan Yang, marketing director of DJI's RoboMaster, said in the aspects of teaching aids and related curriculum, they have three solutions, such as unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, programming education, robot education and AI education.

In 2019, it launched RoboMaster S1, its first educational robot that provides users with an in-depth understanding of science, math, physics, programming and more through captivating gameplay modes and intelligent features. The S1 is just the start of DJI's push into the robotics education field.

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