Microwave device technology and production
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Production address: Yuelu District, Changsha City.
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With the technology and production capacity of microwave device with the wavelength of 5mm; sheet and thin-walled box body machinable with the minimum thickness or width of wall, groove, seam, rib 0.5mm; diameter ratio of more than 10 slender shaft; precision 0.005mm, roughness Ra0.4. The aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel, aluminum silicon carbide, non-metallic materials available.


Skilled in: microwave devices: all kinds of waveguide, waveguide conversion, load, power splitter, rotary joints, couplers, waveguide switch, phase shifter, feed, antenna and so on.


The existing processing center is equipped with 36 sets of DSM DMC1035Veco, DMC635Veco, Harting GX1000PLUS, GX480PLUS and others.

A total of 19 units of lathes or grinder such as Switzerland produced T200 lathe, Xi'an production JC-C30 CNC instrument car.  

24 sets of common equipment:

13 sets of testing equipment are used to provide guarantee including N5230A vector network analyzer, EF-5040 image precision mapping device, Hit575c coordinate measuring instrument, and QVS-5040 precision CNC digital camera.


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