Turntable design and production
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1) Design, production and assembly of the turntable structure:

MFS-2117H three-axis flight simulation turntable;

MFS-2104C three-axis flight simulation turntable;

MFS-3000A three-axis electric flight simulation turntable;

MFS-5001A three-axis electric flight simulation turntable;

MP03W two-axis attitude simulation turntable;

Beijing Institute of Technology three-axis turntable;

Three-axis turntable of the system;

602 three-axis turntables;

603 three-axis turntables;

Beihang vertical three-axis turntable;

Torpedo attitude simulation platform;

Science and Technology Museum three-axis turntable;

Single-axis gyro table;


2) Design, production, assembly and turntable transformation of the turntable:

LI-1 multi-function photoelectric tracking platform;

Two-axis photoelectric tracking turntable;

FMT-80 three-axis turntable;

CGC (USA) C54H three-axis table repair and transformation;

High-precision 2-axis position turntable


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