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Resource Service

Provide the software resources for the whole life cycle from R&D design, simulation analysis to production and processing, covering the national core industries such as aerospace, transportation, petrochemical industry and civil construction.

Gather a lot of industrial expert resource both internal and external of CASIC. Provide technical consultation, project consultant, topic review and other services.

Product Features
Computer Processing System

Include 7168 computing nodes and 1024 service nodes. Each computing node includes two Intel CPUs and one NVIDIA GPU; each service node includes two FT CPUs. The whole system has 23,552 microprocessors in total, including 14,336 Intel Xeon X5670 CPUs (2.93GHz, 6-core), 2,048 FT I 1000 CPU (1.0GHz, 8-core), 7,168 NVIDIA M2052 GPUs (1.15GHz, 14-core/448 CUDA cores), with total CPU cores of 102,400 and total GPU cores of 100,352.

Internet Communication System

Adopt the internally designed high-order routing chip NRC and high-speed network interface chip NIC to realize the optoelectronic high-order routing network of fat tree structure, with link two-way bandwidth of 160Gbps and delay of 1.57us.

I/O System

Adopt Lustre globally distributed sharing and parallel I/O structure, 6 metadata management nodes, 128 object storage nodes, with total capacity of 2PB.

Monitoring and Diagnostic System

Adopt distributed and centralized management structure to realize real time safety monitoring, control and debugging diagnosis.

Service Industry
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